A Courtesy Call from the Pamukkale University Delegation, Turkey

On September 2, 2013, a delegation consisting of the president of Pamukkale University, the governor of Denizli Province where the university is located, the mayor of the city of Denizli and others met with President Furuyama. Pamukkale University has an enrollment of 45,000 (including their junior college annex), making this Turkey’s second largest university. Fiber research is active at PAU with half of the 60 firms involved in the research laboratory, conducting textile/fiber related research. In this first meeting of our respective institutions, each party outlined the characteristics of their institutions and other relevant information. This was followed by suggestions for future proactive interaction. Upon leaving KIT, the delegation paid a visit to the mayor of Kyoto. The group aspires to increase interaction not only between our universities, but also between the city of Kyoto and Denizli City and Province.

Discussing University Interaction Pamukkale University President, Dr.
Huseyin BAğCI (front and center, left),
KIT President, Dr. Masao Furuyama
(front and center, right)