KIT International Week 2015 Sponsored by Kyoto Institute of Technology

≪updated September 4, 2015≫


I’d like to study abroad. Where can I go? What can I do?

Will this experience be a steppingstone to my job hunting?

Can KIT international students go abroad through KIT programs?

Yes! Come find out more.

The KIT International Center will hold a week-long event for students interested in studying abroad. Get information about various programs, interact with international students in KIT and get some answers to any questions you may have! This week will be your big first step in exploring the world! Bring your friends and enjoy campus-wide events and displays. Free admission! No reservations needed! Exceptions are indicated with asterisks (*).

This section will be updated periodically. Check back here from time to time for the latest information.

OCT 26(Mon.) “Bibliobattle in English” Promote your favorite book!(Participants Needed!) [@ Plaza KIT]
Studying Abroad Seminar [@60th Anniversary Hall, Anniversary Hall, 1F]
*Open to KIT students and staff only
Overseas Safety Seminar [@60th Anniversary Hall, Anniversary Hall, 1F]
*Open to KIT students and staff only
Get to know international students at the “Kick-off Party”[@60th Anniversary Hall, Big Seminar Room, 2F]
*All KIT students are welcome
OCT 27(Tue.) Halal Food Tasting Event [@ Plaza KIT]
Learn what former students achieved at the“Global Internship Program Reporting Session”
[@60th Anniversary Hall, Big Seminar Room, 2F]
OCT 28(Wed.) “Queensland University Short-term Language Study Program Information Session” for Undergraduate Students
[@60th Anniversary Hall, Big Seminar Room, 2F]
KIT International Night 2015presented by KIT President
*By invitation only. Will be held off-campus
OCT 29(Thu.) The 13th Japan-Vietnam Joint Seminar Day 1 [@Building No.15]
OCT 30(Fri) The 13th Japan-Vietnam Joint Seminar Day 2 [@Building No.15]
KIT Universal Career Guidance 2015 (Nov. 6, Fri.)
Open-Tech Symposium (Oct. 30, Fri.)
World Food Fair @ KIT Cafeteria (Oct.26 – 30)

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Monday, Oct.26, 2015

“Bibliobattle” in English

Time: 12:05 to 12:45 / Language: English / Location: Plaza KIT

Come to the Bibliobattle and hear about what people have read that has impacted their lives in a major way!
Participants will introduce their favorite books and audience members will select a “winning book” at the end.
PRESENTERS WANTED! Take this chance to improve your English speaking and presentation skills!
SPECIAL BONUS: Short English consulting sessions to help you prepare the best possible persuasive book presentation will be provided by a native English teacher beforehand. Apply now! Special prizes will be awarded!

pdficonGuidelines for participation and application forms(Japanese Only)

If you are not willing to “battle” on behalf of a book, you can still join the fun as an audience member and vote for a book. We have international gifts for the first persons to fill the auditorium. Gifts are on a first-come-first-served basis. Come while supplies last!

Study Abroad Seminar

Time: 16:15 to 17:15 / Language: Japanese / Location: @60th Anniversary Hall, Anniversary Hall, 1F
Open to KIT students only

KIT provides a wide variety of study abroad programs ranging from language focused ones open to students from any major, to those which involve specific research laboratories and academic fields. This information session gives an overview of all KIT programs, as well as the Japanese government’s “TOBITATE! Young Ambassador Program*” and features reports from students who have studied abroad through the programs. (*TOBITATE is only available to Japanese nationals.)

Overseas Safety Seminar

Time: 17:20 to 17:50 / Language: Japanese / Location: @60th Anniversary Hall, Anniversary Hall, 1F
Open to KIT students only.

We will provide vital information on how to stay safe in various countries. Prepare for your study abroad experience by having correct information beforehand. Participation in this session is highly recommended to faculty and staff who are engaged in sending students abroad.

Kick-off Party — Cultural Exchange Meeting with Japanese and International students

Time: 18:00 to 19:30 / Language: English & Japanese / Location: @60th Anniversary Hall, Big Seminar Room, 2F (finger foods will be served)
Open to KIT students and staff only.

This party, planned by student-volunteers, is a great opportunity for newly arrived KIT international students and KIT Japanese students/staff to get to know each other. Have a great time and make new friends over refreshments. NOTE: two top, veteran Bibliobattle competitors will be promoting their books to participants, and you can vote for the “Winning Book.” Come see which you most want to read!

Tuesday, Oct.27, 2015

Halal Food Tasting Event

Time: 12:00 to 12:45/ Location: Plaza KIT
Open to all KIT Students

Are you familiar with Halal food? Do you know what criteria make a food halal? The criteria specify both what foods are allowed, and how the food must be prepared. For more information attend this event! The KIT cafeteria is planning to regularly make Halal meals available to our Muslim international students in the near future. Interested? Come and join the Halal food tasting and try some for yourself!

Global Internship Program Reporting Session

Time: 16:15 to 18:30 / Language: English / Location: 60th Anniversary Hall, Big Seminar Room, 2F

At KIT, the Global Internship Program provides students with opportunities to experience working abroad, being a teaching assistant and conducting research abroad at our partner institutions and universities overseas. You will have a chance to hear information from a Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology representative lecture, and former student interns abroad will report on their experiences. You may ask them questions (in Japanese), so this session is highly recommended for students who are thinking of applying to the Global Internship program in the future. We hope to have five students report at the session.

Wednesday, Oct.28, 2015

Queensland University Short-term Language Study Program Information Session

Time: 12:05 to 12:45 / Language: Japanese / Location: 60th Anniversary Hall, Big Seminar Room, 2F
Open to KIT Undergraduate Students only

This is the information session for the annual short-term spring holiday language study program. If you are interested in applying to this program, this is the session for you!

KIT International Night 2015

Time: 18:00 to 20:00 / Location: Off-campus

This party is sponsored by the KIT President, Dr. Masao Furuyama. Representatives of international organizations such as consulates have been invited to the party so that students and KIT personnel can meet them and form closer relationships with KIT international students, faculty and staff.
(Please note that this is an invitation-only party.)

Thursday, Oct.29, 2015

The 13th Japan – Vietnam Joint Seminar

Every year, KIT and our Vietnamese partner universities hold a joint seminar. The location alternates between Japan and Vietnam, and this year it’s going to be held at KIT. Prominent researchers will present their findings in the fields of Applied Biology, Molecular Chemistry and Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Information and Human Science and Mechanical Engineering.

To those students who are thinking of participating in an internship or studying in Vietnam, this seminar will be a great opportunity to get to know international students and faculty from Vietnam. Come and learn as much as you can from them.

Other Events

Friday, November 6: KIT Universal Career Guidance 2015

This guidance session is organized by the Kyoto Prefecture Committee for the Promotion of International Student Communication. (Service provider: JK Branding Co. Ltd.).

Oct. 26 – 30: World Food Fair

During International Week, the KIT Cafeteria will offer a variety of international dishes.
Enjoy something new and become more “international” at lunch, too!