【Important】Coronavirus disease infection incident

                                        Date: April 9

 On Wednesday, April 8, 2020, a staff member of KIT was found to have been infected with the coronavirus disease.  
 The facts as well as the actions taken by KIT with regard to this incident are as follows:

Affected individual
Age Position Sex Administrative announcement Remarks
20s Administrative staff Male 95th case in Kyoto city
(Kyoto city website)
Course of events

 April 8 At about 5pm, the affected individual contacted KIT and reported the infection

 April 1 (Wed) After work, mild fever at night; recuperation at home since
 April 4 (Sat) Fever (38℃); seen in a medical institution
 April 8 (Wed) PCR test positive

Actions taken since

 On Thursday, April 9, disinfection of the office where the affected individual works, took place under the guidance of the Kyoto City Health and Welfare Bureau. In addition, three five (updated on April 10) close contact individuals were instructed to remain home.


・ At present, the route of infection remains unknown.
・ Close contact persons and other staff members who worked nearby are in good physical condition
  and are observing their health.
・ At present, there are no students among the close contacts.
・ We have confirmed with the Kyoto City Health and Welfare Bureau that other facilities on campus
  can remain operational as usual.

Note: We ask for your understanding and cooperation with regard to respecting the human rights and protecting the personal information of affected individuals and their families.