The New Kyoto Prefecture Directive on Preventing the Resurgence of Novel Coronavirus Infections

Date: March 22, 2022

Dear students, faculty and staff,

The following is a message from President Kiyotaka Morisako, the director of the Headquarters for New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control regarding: 
The New Kyoto Prefecture Directive on Preventing the Resurgence of Novel Coronavirus Infections.

 The Kyoto Prefectural Government’s priority measures regarding novel coronavirus infection ended on March 21. However, as novel coronavirus infection is not yet under control, Kyoto Prefecture has established “Prevention of Further Infection” measures and continues to request that universities and other institutions take thorough infection prevention measures.
 Be aware of the basic rules of Kyoto Prefecture and act prudently.
 In addition, at KIT, we ask that you take the measures outlined below.
 Be sure to refer to the KIT website ( for a summary of our current recommendations.

  • In principle, only face-to-face classes and Hy-flex classes are currently acceptable. The exceptions to this are language classes involving speaking/listening, discussion, and Tri-university joint liberal arts courses. These may be conducted online.
  • KIT promotes the proactive use of telecommuting, videoconferencing, etc. when it does not interfere with work performance.

 In addition to the above, continue to follow the recommendations of the “Manual for Prevention of the Spread of Novel Coronavirus Infections at Kyoto Institute of Technology.”
 We ask that you remain aware that the risk of infection is particularly high when eating and drinking in the company of others. Be sure to follow the following “Kyoto Manners” recommendations when eating and drinking.

【Kyoto Manners】

  • Eat at restaurants with acrylic panel space dividers and sufficient ventilation.
  • Wear a mask during conversation.
  • Use hand sanitizer before eating and when leaving the restaurant.
  • Do not talk loudly in the restaurant.
  • Aim for a maximum of four people to a table and limit the time you are together to two hours.

 We ask students, faculty and staff to follow the Kyoto Institute of Technology Manual on Limiting Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Transmission and consistently implement basic infection control measures. Avoid the “3Cs” (crowded places, close contact settings and closed spaces), maintain social distancing from others, wear a mask, and wash and disinfect your hands. Also, actively practice the “new lifestyle” (limiting unnecessary contact with people, etc.) to protect your health and prevent others from becoming infected.

【Kyoto Prefecture Recommendations for Preventing the Spread of Infection】

  1. Persons willing to be vaccinated, should do so proactively.
  2. To prevent the general resurgence of infection, remain aware of “not getting infected,” “not infecting others,” and “not spreading infection.”
  3. With the changes accompanying a new fiscal year and the start of the spring holiday, we anticipate more opportunities for people to get together. Be sure to continue to be vigilant in taking infection-prevention measures!