Regarding: KIT Overseas Researcher Acceptance(To: All Faculty and Administrative staff)

Date: October 11, 2022
To: All Faculty and Administrative staff,
From: The Director of the KIT Novel Coronavirus Infection Control Task Force,
    President Kiyotaka Morisako   

Regarding: KIT Overseas Researcher Acceptance

According to the “New Border Measures (34) (Review on restrictions on new entry of foreign nationals into Japan, requirements of on-arrival COVID-19 test, quarantine period after entry into Japan, and the daily limit of the total number of entrants) issued by the Japanese government on September 26, 2022, in principle, foreign nationals entering Japan from any country or region will no longer be required to apply for entry into Japan through the Entry-Release Medical Check System (ERFS) by a person responsible for receiving them located in Japan. In addition, in principle, foreign nationals entering Japan from any country or region will no longer be required to undergo inspection upon entry, quarantine at home or in accommodations after entry.

In conjunction with this KIT has cancelled the internal notice, Policy on Overseas Researcher Acceptance dated June 27, 2022, and is implementing the following changes.

1. Overseas Researcher Acceptance Policy
When accepting researchers from overseas, we ask that the host faculty/staff members follow pre-pandemic normal procedures for business trip inquiries for incoming researchers. For inquiries, contact the relevant office in the list at the bottom of this notice.
 Again, ERFS application procedures are no longer required.
 The Travel Information for Acceptance of Researchers from Abroad, etc. form previously required to be attached to the application form, is no longer required.
 Contact the relevant department for information on recruitment of foreign researchers, etc., and acceptance of foreign students and international visiting researchers.

2. Requirements for persons who plan to enter Japan
① Submit a vaccine certificate (3 inoculations) OR proof of negative COVID-19 results from a test taken within 72 hours prior to departure for Japan.
② Install and report on your health using the Health and Location Monitoring software app for persons entering Japan from overseas. (MySOS)and Fast Track (a service for uploading inspection certificates into MySOS prior to entry into Japan and for completing screenings in advance).
③ Use the Visit Japan Web Service (a web-based service that allows visitors to complete entry procedures such as quarantine, immigration inspection, and customs declarations at the time of entry into Japan)
④ Apply for a visa (for nationals of countries/regions other than visa waiver countries/regions, or for those who intend to work or stay in Japan for a long period of time).

(Reference: Fast Track Information Page)
(Reference: Visit Japan Web Service)

※The visa waiver measures that were temporarily suspended due to heightened border control measures were resumed on October 11, 2022. See the information below for more information.
(Reference: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Visa)

3. (Reference)
“Measures for Strengthening Waterborne Disease Control Measures for New Coronavirus Infections
New Measures Pertaining to the Strengthening of Waterborne Countermeasures (34)”

(For inquiries on this notice and overseas business travel)
 General Affairs and Planning, General Affairs and Planning Office     
 Tel:075-724-7014  E-mail:soumuki[a]

(For inquiries on employing overseas researchers) 
 Human Resources and Planning, Labor and Personnel Office
 Tel: 075-724-7019  E-mail:jinjikikaku[a]

(For inquiries on travel expenses/reimbursements)
 Accounting, Financial Accounting Office         
 Tel:075-724-7073  E-mail:kitkeiri[a]

(For inquiries on overseas travel using outside funding)
 Research Cooperation, Research Promotion and Collaboration Office
 Tel:075-724-7714  E-mail:research_cooperation[a]

(For inquiries on visiting (and other) researchers)
 Academic Alliances, International Affairs Office   
 Tel: 075-724-7129  E-mail:kokusai[a]

(For inquiries on overseas travel for academic purposes)
 Student Exchange Services, International Affairs Office     
 Tel :075-724-7128  E-mail:ses[a]

※Change [a] to @.