Regarding: KIT Overseas Business Trip Policy(To: Faculty, Administrative staff and Students)

Date: October 11, 2022
To: Faculty, Administrative staff and Students,
From: The Director of the KIT Novel Coronavirus Infection Control Task Force,
    President Kiyotaka Morisako   

Regarding: KIT Overseas Business Trip Policy

According to the “New Border Measures (34) (Review on restrictions on new entry of foreign nationals into Japan, requirements of on-arrival COVID-19 test, quarantine period after entry into Japan, and the daily limit of the total number of entrants) “issued by the Japanese government on September 26, 2022, in principle, foreign nationals entering Japan from any country or region will no longer be required to undergo inspection upon entry, quarantine at home or in accommodations after entry, be monitored during the quarantine period, or avoid the use of public transportation.
In conjunction with this, the internal April 12, 2022 KIT notice regarding the “Handling of Overseas Business Travel” and the internal June 7, 2022 notice on the “Handling of Student Overseas Business Travel” have been changed as follows.

1. KIT Handling of Overseas Business Travel
Conditions under which faculty, administrative staff and students may travel abroad

○ Faculty and staff may travel to:
① Countries/regions listed as Level 2 or lower on Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
COVID-19 Contagion Risk Information Website. (see the blue and purple map at )

○ Students may travel to:Countries/regions listed as Level 2 or lower on Japan’s Ministry of
① Foreign Affairs COVID-19 Contagion Risk Information Website.
(see the blue and purple map at )

② The student’s supervising professor or other responsible party must take necessary measures to enable the student to travel to the destination country.
However, travel funded by external organizations such as the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) will be handled in accordance with the regulations of those organizations.
With regard to overseas study, continue to follow the attached KIT document, Acceptance of Students from Abroad and Dispatch of KIT Students Abroad .

※When traveling overseas, in addition to the usual safety measures such as collecting and reviewing safety information, establishing a system for cooperation with local authorities, knowing emergency contacts, and how to respond to incidents, etc., be sure to thoroughly check the latest government border measures before you travel to ensure that you have the necessary measures in place in case you become infected at your destination. Be sure you are well aware of the latest government border control measures before you travel to your destination.

※Refrain from traveling to countries/regions with a Ministry of Foreign Affairs General Hazzard Level of 2 or higher. (see the red and yellow map at )

2. What to complete before reentry to Japan
① Submit a vaccine certificate (3 inoculations) OR proof of negative COVID-19 results from a test taken within 72 hours prior to departure for Japan.
② Install and report on your health using the Health and Location Monitoring software app for persons entering Japan from overseas. (MySOS)

※If you test positive for COVID-19 during your business trip or after returning to your home country, be sure to report the result to KIT immediately in accordance with the KIT Manual on Limiting Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Transmission (5th edition).

3. Campus Procedures, etc.
If you have any questions, contact the relevant department in the list below.

KIT students and personnel are no longer required to submit the Post-Overseas Business Travel Quarantine Itinerary「海外渡航帰国後待機期間における業務対応及び日程表」or the Student Overseas Business Travel Itinerary「学生に係る海外業務渡航日程表等」as attachments.

4. (Reference) “New Border Measures (34)

5. Other
Regarding non-KIT related travel, refrain from traveling to countries and regions shown as “Level 3 (avoid all travel)” or higher for either general hazards or contagion risk by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Safety Information website.

(For inquiries on this notice and overseas business travel)
 General Affairs and Planning, General Affairs and Planning Office     
 Tel:075-724-7014  E-mail:soumuki[a]

(For inquiries on travel expenses/reimbursements)
 Accounting, Financial Accounting Office         
 Tel:075-724-7073  E-mail:kitkeiri[a]

(For inquiries on overseas travel using outside funding)
 Research Cooperation, Research Promotion and Collaboration Office
 Tel:075-724-7714  E-mail:research cooperation[a]

(For inquiries on overseas travel for academic purposes)
 Student Exchange Services, International Affairs Office     
 Tel:075-724-7128  E-mail:ses[a]

※Change [a] to @.