Re: The Wearing of Masks On Campus(To: Students, Faculty and Staff)

Date: March 7, 2023
To: Students, Faculty and Staff
From: President Kiyotaka Morisako, Director of the KIT Novel Coronavirus Infection Control Task Force

Re: The Wearing of Masks On Campus

 The government has notified us that as of March 13, 2023 the wearing of masks will be left to individual discretion because COVID-19 will be downgraded to the same category as common infectious disease such as seasonal influenza (Class 5 status). However, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has notified us that at universities this mask-wearing policy will be put into effect from April 1, 2023 onward. Based on this notice, we request that you continue to wear masks at all university activities through March 31, 2023.
 This official government notice also states that, in consideration of the educational significance of the graduation ceremony, in principle, masks will be removed at graduation ceremonies held prior to April 1. Therefore, for the duration of KIT graduation ceremonies, including the entrance and exit of the ceremony mask-wearing will not be required. For further information, refer to the KIT website.
(KIT website:
 However, regardless of the government mask-wearing policy revision, basic infection-prevention measures will continue to be taken because of their importance. Continue to avoid crowded places, maintain a safe distance from other people and be sure to observe hand-washing, ventilation and other preventative procedures. Specific recommendations will be announced in accordance with future notices from related organizations.

(Reference: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology notice dated February 10, 2023, “Changes in Basic Policy on Countermeasures against Novel Coronavirus Infections and Mask Wearing at Graduation Ceremonies (Notice)” Summary).
(1) Regarding the wearing of masks at graduation ceremonies
 For graduation ceremonies held before April 1, 2023, in consideration of the educational significance of graduation ceremonies, students are essentially expected to attend without wearing masks.
(2) The handling of mask wearing at universities, etc.
・The wearing of masks shall not be required for educational activities at schools
after April 1, 2023 (in the spring semester).
・The revision to mask-wearing policy at educational institutions shall go into effect
on April 1, 2023.
・Masks should continue to be worn at educational institutions for all activities except graduation ceremonies for the remainder of the 2022 academic year.