Environmental Protection Policy

Environmental Protection Policy

KIT actively promotes conservation-and-environmental-protection aware education and research. This awareness comprises continued attention to an increased sensitivity to nature. We create technologies which involve, or can be shared by all, in harmony with the environment and which benefit our spiritual welfare.
Contributing to the advancement of science and technologies in alignment with the above awareness and developing a sustainable society are the cornerstones of our policy.

Fostering environmental-health-and-protection aware human resources
1. We promote proactive environmental preservation and environmental protection education and research on a continual basis while nurturing proactive human resources who maintain an awareness of the importance of respecting, protecting and preserving the natural environment.

Reducing environmental impacts
2. We reduce the environmental impacts of university administration and educational research activities and strive to effectively conserve energy and resources.

Complying with laws and regulations
3. We comply with environmental protection related laws and voluntary standards, employing education and research to prevent accidental environmental pollution and risks to health.

Improving continually
4. We set environmental protection targets, actively promote environmental conservation and strive to reduce environmental risks. We continually improve on these efforts.

Disseminating information
5. We communicate our stance on the environment and its protection while furthering university-community understanding through dialogue.

Environmental Protection Objectives

  1. Fostering human resources with an awareness of environmental protection
    • Promoting environmental protection education and research
    • Promoting environmental conservation activities
  2. Reducing environmental impacts
    • Promoting energy saving measures
    • Promoting resource conservation measures and waste discharge reduction
  3. Complying with laws and regulations
    • Proper management of high pressure gas, chemical substances and products
    • Proper treatment of laboratory effluent and waste
    • Proper management of wastewater
    • Proper work environment maintenance
  4. Improving continually
    • Campus beautification, ‘greening’ promotion
  5. Communicating
    • Information dissemination
    • Interaction with the surrounding community

Environmental Protection Policy (PDF)