Strategic Direction

KIT : Exploring “Wisdom, Beauty and Technology”

The unique characteristic of KIT, the exploration of “Wisdom, Beauty and Technology,” has evolved over our 120 year history dating from the establishment of our predecessor institutions, Kyoto College of Technology and Kyoto College of Textile Fiber. This illustrious history now turns a new page, as we make the products of our research and education available to the world. Ensuring student mastery of technology through the creation of ethical and discerning feats of engineering, we target the harmonic integration of wisdom and beauty with intellect and sensibility.

Our Action Plan

  1. Educational Quality Standards
    The primary focus of a university is, of course, education. To produce graduates with a highly developed global perspective, we inspire each student to attain the conceptual and expressive abilities that will enable them to make scientific discoveries. To this purpose, we have developed and are implementing our own educational systems such as the KIT Standard and the Comprehensive Portfolio.
  2. Research Standards
    It is research that attracts people to a university. Aiming to pioneer new academic fields, contribute to meaningful advances in society and promote the deepening of aesthetics that are conducive to cultural development, we strive to continue to raise our research standards.
  3. Collaboration
    We actively collaborate with universities, enterprises, local governments and other countries in expanding educational and research projects while making contributions to communities and society at large. Our influence extends far beyond the walls of the university.