This emblem is a visualization of our university’s philosophy, that is to pursue wisdom, beauty and technology in the pursuit of a brighter future.

There is a meaning for each of the opposing two parts.The round form to the left expresses arts, sensibilities unbound by existing formalities, and rich human nature. The form to the right with corners expresses logical intelligence and reason that exist between science and people. The connection between the two forms expresses “the encounter of science and arts.” Considering the organic left form as the natural environment and the right form as the technologies we create, we also feel the coexistence of nature and technology.

The shape of the two forms spreading out from the same root symbolizes the fact that the historical city Kyoto is sending out original high-technologies to the world. They are technologies that integrate the people, the environment, the industry and the culture. The blossoming abilities and sensibilities of the people who make this happen is also expressed.

A warm color was adopted for the left form expressing sensibilities. A cold color was adopted for the right form expressing reason.These are united by a tone that reminds us of the composure and the traditions of Kyoto.
As explained above, the emblem is an expression of the university’s stance in combining intelligence and sensibilities, and a reflection of our aim to harmonize traditional culture with high-technology.