Electronics(Doctoral Programs)

Green Innovation: Solutions for Energy and Environmental Issues

Focusing on a wide variety of underlying technologies, design and analytical theories, and system technologies to establish electronic systems, our education and research covers the fields of circuits, systems, electromagnetic waves, optics, signal processing, communications, devices, materials and plasmas. We foster human resources who can conduct research and development regarding what is needed for the future of society, such as green innovation to solve problems on energy and the environment, by utilizing expertise in the area of electronic system engineering.

Educational Program

We foster human resources equipped with expertise and a research approach to solving important issues, such as green innovation. They can explore and solve problems through their high-level expertise in the field of electronics system engineering and can discover problems from a big-picture perspective. Our graduates consider feasible solutions to the problems confronting society by structuring and restructuring relevant knowledge. Finally, they explore ways of maximizing the value presented to society through the solution of the problems.

To develop such human resources, we help students conduct in-depth research in their specialized fields. At the same time, we offer specialized courses reflecting the features of individual fields so that students can develop a big-picture view in the field of electronics system engineering. In such courses, students study for the purpose of obtaining appropriate expertise in fields different from the specialized research areas which they work on in their doctoral courses. Moreover, to foster students’ big-picture view and global mindset, we also provide Innovation Project and Global Internship III and IV.

Laboratory Information

Academic Programs