Engineering Design(Doctoral Programs)

Original Engineering Design for Cutting-Edge Manufacturing in the 21st Century

We foster high-level specialized engineers and researchers who can identify all manufacturing processes from design to production and evaluation; who can engage in any part of the process; and who can clearly indicate in the design process when, where, and how the relevant item to be produced will become of use.

Educational Program

As specifically listed in the examples below, we are engaged in education and research covering information and communications, mechanical systems, and design management. We foster high-level specialized engineers and researchers who can develop and utilize original engineering design methods for cutting-edge manufacturing in the 21st century and make their presence felt both internationally and in less urban areas of Japan.

1. Establishment and application of theories, as well as producing systems, for analyzing, assessing and processing materials;
2. Invention of mathematical methods for analyzing information;
3. Development of comprehensive information systems with consideration given to relationships between computer hardware/software and humans;
4. Analysis, assessment, measurement, forecast, and control of complex composite systems, such as information processing and production engineering systems; and
5. Organization, assessment, design, processing, and management of the entire process, ranging from the selection of materials to the production of each industrial product, and the optimization and intelligence-optimization of such organization, assessment, design, processing and management.

Laboratory Information

Academic Programs