Materials Chemistry(Doctoral Programs)

Developing Innovative Substances and Materials

We are engaged in education and research involving chemical approaches to biofunctions (bioinspired chemistry), nano-materials, fine material design and synthetics (molecular design), soft materials, and photo electronics, thereby fostering human resources who play a leading role in next-generation research into the development of innovative substances and materials.

Educational Program

To help students understand common concepts necessary for developing new substances and materials and to advance their expertise, we provide lecture courses in five fields.

In practicums, students are engaged in research on, summarization of and presentation of academic information in their specialized fields under direct guidance from faculty members related to this program. By doing so, students consolidate a foundation to independently work on development research on cutting-edge substances and materials, and to develop presentation skills and global communication skills.

By offering research instruction to assist students in completing their doctoral thesis, we provide educational opportunities for them to develop their overall abilities covering the entire process in substance and material development research, including setting challenges, planning, implementing research, and presenting research findings.

Our educational program has been designed to encompass a wide range of students from different educational backgrounds, such as working adults and international students.

Laboratory Information

Academic Programs