Design and Architecture(Undergraduate Programs)

Creating Enhanced Societies, Culture and Lifestyles through Design and Architecture

In this program, students pursue architecture and design with the main axis on design in a broad sense, social interaction design. In the area of architecture, we provide students with engineering education and research opportunities regarding design methods and structural technology involving residential and urban environments. Students are also given opportunities to create preservation and restoration solutions for existing structures. In the area of design, whose themes include products/services, visual media/content, and space/environments, we offer education and research opportunities involving the entire process, from research/planning to business development.

Educational Program

We provide architecture and design education and training that enables students to obtain ecological knowledge relating to the residential, urban, and natural environments that surround architecture, as well as the ecological knowledge necessary for achieving harmony among these three types of environments. Moreover, we enable students to manage environment-control technology while blending such technological and ecological knowledge with advanced aesthetic awareness. Our high-level curriculum and its focus on the development of professionalism has been designed based on the following policy so that students cannot only obtain the Japanese qualification of first class registered architect, but also meet recommended international standards of professionalism in architectural practice. In the design course, students obtain a wide range of knowledge and skills through design theories and field work, as well as business and technology theories and practica, so that they can contribute to the formation of people’s daily lives with the power of design.

Academic Programs