Electronics(Undergraduate Programs)

Underpinning and Furthering a Technologically Advanced Society

We provide education that provides in-depth knowledge and technical expertise with regard to devices, communications, measurement, energy, and control with a focus on electric engineering and electronic engineering, both of which contribute to the convenience and prosperity of modern society. By doing so, we foster creative engineers and researchers with expertise and an extensive range of perspectives.

Educational Program

To realize our educational objectives, we have organized an educational program in compliance with the following policy:
1. Placing the focus of our curriculum on fundamental courses, such as electro dynamics, electric circuits, physics and mathematics, and providing an educational program through which students can obtain the abilities necessary to systematically master the fundamentals and applications in an extensive electronic system engineering field, covering devices, electronics, communications, energy, control and programing;
2. Relating lectures, practica and experiments, thereby offering mutually complementary education in which students can deepen their understanding both in theory and practice; and
3. Helping students obtain the ability to apply the knowledge that they have acquired to research and development through one-year thesis research

Academic Programs