Information Science(Undergraduate Programs)

Forging Paths to a Better Society

In this program, students study both computer science (CS), through which they learn the fundamentals for handling hardware and software, and computer engineering (CE), through which they strive to create new systems through application of the fundamentals. It is entirely possible to forge a path to a better society by providing its citizens with a full command of the communication nervous system, and the information it conveys.

Educational Program

Designed for students to obtain the capabilities listed in our diploma policy, the educational program to achieve our educational objectives is based on the following policy:
1. Covering both computer science (CS), in which students study the fundamentals for handling ICT, and computer engineering (CE), in which they strive to create new systems through application of the fundamentals, thereby enabling students to obtain ICT knowledge and skills;
2. Closely related lectures, experiments and practica to help students understand theories and obtain practical skills;
3. Incorporating group activities in experiment/practica courses, etc. as one of the measures for improving student communication skills; and
4. Providing lectures and experiment-based/practical courses for fourth-year students in line with their thesis research, ensuring that almost all such courses have been taken by students by the end of the third year so that students can register for graduate courses in the fourth year and spend their first year in the master’s program experiencing internships and studying abroad, thereby deepening their knowledge, skills, communication ability and other qualities required of engineers.

Academic Programs