Interactive Language Learning


This application, “和 (Wa)”, is for persons studying Japanese for the first time. You can practice Hiragana writing and basic conversation for various situations such as shopping, check-in at hotel and Self-introduction. The grammar is explained in English so that you can study by yourself. Each sentence is written in Hiragana/Alphabet and the meaning is explained in English as well. You can listen to the pronunciation of each word and repeat after dialogues for oral practice.
You can also find “Wa” as an application for smartphones so that you can study anytime/anywhere you want. When you finish 15 lessons, you will be able to enjoy easy conversation in Japanese. For those who have studied Japanese already, “Wa” can be used as an additional/supplemental textbook.
It is a free application. We hope as many people in the world as possible will get the opportunity to study Japanese. Those of you who know Japanese well can teach by “Wa” and make friends! We hope “Wa” will help you understand different cultures and languages. “Wa” was developed by Mieko Sawada and her staff at Kyoto Institute of Technology.

Mieko Sawada, Professor at Kyoto Institute of Technology