Visiting Students [Non-Degree]

KIT accepts persons enrolled in our partner universities, and persons from universities with documented agreements with KIT, to participate in short (less than 90-day) research internships or workshop programs as Visiting Students under the following conditions.


Visiting Student applicants must:

  • Be dispatched from a home institution under an agreement concluded between a KIT International Center director and a department head in their home university or person in a position higher than department head; and
  • Continue to be enrolled in the degree program of the home institution throughout the internship/workshop program period.

Required Submissions

Visiting Student applicants must submit the following:

  • Application for Admission (Form A)
  • Certificate of Enrollment at home university (English version)
  • Health Questionnaire (Form C)
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Photocopy of Overseas Travel Insurance
  • Academic Transcript of most recently completed full academic year
  • Application for KIT International House (If applicant wishes to live in a dormitory, Rooms will be assigned as they become available, but are not guaranteed. If no room is available, Visiting students must secure their own housing.
Application Forms for Visiting Students

Application Guidelines PDF
Application for Admission (Form A) ONLINE APPLICATION
Health Questionnaire (Form C) Word Sample PDF
Application for KIT International House PDF Sample PDF

※Regarding the handling of personal information,refer to the PDF


Applications must be received 3 months before the start of your internship/workshop.

Note:Your Overseas Travel Insurance photocopy may be sent at a later time provided it reaches us before your departure.

Financial Aid “KIT Global Human Resource Development Program”

Note that we will only be sending information about scholarships to eligible students. Financial aid distribution is determined by KIT. We ask you to be aware that not all applicants are awarded scholarships.

Global Internship Program (Inbound)

This program enriches cross-cultural understanding and promote internationalization within Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT) by accepting international students from partner institutions and implementing cooperative research and study with KIT students. We provide international students from partner and documented institutions with financial assistance from the KIT International Exchange Promotion Fund.