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Mathematics is the product of our desire to recognize and better understand various natural phenomena more accurately and at greater depths. Mathematical approaches are essential when solving numerical or spatial problems which arise in every field of graduate school research.
Currently, KIT faculty research problems in algebra, geometry and analysis, and instruct students in how to apply what they have learned to immanent problems in mathematics. Faculty focus on elucidations of mathematical methods in the areas below:

  • ・Number theory
  • ・Algebraic curve theory
  • ・Topology
  • ・Analysis on a manifold
  • ・Complex analysis
  • ・Differential equation
  • ・Complex dynamics
  • ・Dynamical system
  • ・Fractals
  • ・Functional analysis
  • ・Linear operator
  • ・Stochastic process
  • ・Stochastic analysis


Nowadays, a deep understanding of people, language, culture and society is essential for every individual engaged in scientific research, manufacturing and technological development. Our language faculty are exploring the ways culture and social aspects of language function and contribute to or impede effective communication, and motivating students to become proactive speakers of other languages.

  • ・English
  • ・German
  • ・French
  • ・Chinese
  • ・Japanese

Humanities and Liberal Arts

The courses below are open to students in all areas of specialization and provide students with new perspectives and insights into the human experience. These are areas of knowledge which provide a counterbalance for students who spend long hours focused on the unseen worlds of electrons, polymer chains, amino acids and other potent actors. The study of humanities and liberal arts subjects encourages an appreciation of different lifestyles and points of view, analytical and problem-solving skills in new contexts, enthusiasm for flexibility, adaptability, learning and independent thinking, practice in verbal and written expression; valuable skills in any future. Some courses, unique to KIT, even put students in contact with Kyoto crafts persons and information on valuable aspects of Kyoto and its traditions.

  • ・Pedagogy
  • ・Philosophy
  • ・Ideological history
  • ・Religious studies
  • ・Psychology
  • ・Psychology
  • ・Law
  • ・Exercise Medicine
  • ・Biomechanics
  • ・Exercise physiology
  • ・Exercise psychology

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