Architecture(Doctoral Programs)

Thinking Globally and Obtaining What Is Only Available in Kyoto

Thinking globally while refining skills that are unique to the cultural environment of Kyoto – we call this “Kyoto Design.” Engaged in education, research, and design practices aligned with this concept, we foster high-level urban and architectural experts who focus on communities and history maintaining their global competitive edge, as well as independently-minded researchers with advanced expertise.

Educational Program

We foster human resources who can establish new techniques and theories regarding architectural design and urban and architectural regeneration and who can lead architectural, urban and social policy projects based on such techniques and theories.

Using the knowledge and skills obtained in the master’s course, and/or real-world practical design skills and achievements, students in this doctoral program refine their design philosophy, develop their practical design skills based on this philosophy, and conduct even more highly specialized research.

Human resources with high-level design skills are essential at companies, especially multinational construction firms, which are diversifying their business in line with the advancement of globalization in the construction industry today. Moreover, high-level expertise in combination with practical design skills is vital, especially if designers who have experience in architectural design and have produced many excellent actual architectural works wish to further develop their career by playing a leading role at a company for its overseas development.

At the same time, there is a call for the implementation of more highly specialized research into a wide variety of techniques and skills for architectural stock preservation and urban regeneration and for the exploration of new techniques and theories. To accommodate these needs, our educational program has been designed to develop human resources who can independently explore new techniques and theories while leading the establishment of an architectural stock re-use oriented society. Through the program, we foster researchers who continue to work on the establishment of techniques and theories, specialized engineering, national or regional officers who supervise the highest levels of overall urban regeneration projects, and architects serving as heritage managers who lead the recently increasing use of local architectural stock.

Laboratory Information

Academic Programs