Design Engineering and Management(Undergraduate Programs)

Program Objectives

The Undergraduate Program of Design Engineering and Management is focused on education and research related to things conceived for the improvement of society such as products, facilities and social systems. The program includes a broad-range of approaches that combine design, management and engineering fundamentals. Graduates of this program will be talented individuals equipped with the knowledge and understanding to create better things for people.

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum of this program broadly covers aspects of design, management, and engineering which are studied through lectures and practical exercises. More importantly, students in the program will be trained and encouraged to think creatively and to that end will be given tasks and exercises that develop their powers of perception, thought and expression.

This program is one of the few in Japan that has integrated the principles of MOT (Management of Technology; i.e. technical management) into every aspect of its curriculum. MOT is attracting a lot of attention today in industrial fields in Japan.

In the first year and second year, student in this program will attend lectures and carry out practical exercises related to the fields of design, management and engineering. Third year students will choose from one of three majors: design, management or engineering (as outlined below). Fourth year students will spend much of their time working on research in their chosen major.

Major Study Field Options (juniors and seniors)

  1. Design
    In this major, students will not only learn about the design of industrial products and facilities (buildings and environment). Instead they will be given a much broader perspective on the meaning of design including an integrated overview of management and engineering considerations and how they relate to design principles. This major is further broken down into two areas: industrial products and facilities.
  2. Management
    In this major, students mainly undertake disciplined social research to clearly understand daily life needs. Based on this knowledge students will know what should be designed rather than how.
  3. Engineering
    In this major, students will receive rigorous training in the field of engineering design including areas such as cognition, human-interfaces, environmental physiology, and chemical dye materials.

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